GARDNER PORCELAIN GROUP, “Newly Arrived Peasants”


Gardner factory, Verbilki, 1870-1890s

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Gardner Factory, Verbilki, 1870-1890

After an illustration by Mikhail Bashilov (M. Pikkolo, pseud.) for A.P. Golitsynskii’s Street Types (Ulichnye tipy, Moscow, 1860),

realistically modeled and painted as two peasants standing next to each, one man wearing a full length charcoal coat with purple sash and a black hat,

the other man wearing a full length beige coat with green sash and a red hat, on a naturalistic base painted to resemble cobblestone 

Marked under base with red stamped and impressed factory marks

Hight 8 1/4 in. (21 cm)


Light wear, good condition.


Mikhail Sergeevich Bashilov (1821-1870) was one of the most prominent Russian literary illustrators of the 19th century and first distinguished himself with a group of twenty illustrations for A.P. Golitsynskii’s sketches.  These introduced the reader to the Russian people through observation of the details of their daily lives: “[The common man’s] entire personal and public life is expressed on the street: here he works, drinks, passes time, quarrels, trades, cheats.”

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